Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blooming Great Gardening Tips

We asked readers for their gardening tips. For every submission we print, we are giving away a signed copy of Steve Whysall's new gardening book. The Blooming Great Gardening Book (Whitecap Books, $19.95). Here's some winning entries:
The best gardening tip I was ever given has to do with growing tomatoes. Every year, I am constantly wondering if my crop will come to fruition or will it be affected by the blight that turns all tomatoes black. And I detest spraying. My 90-year-old father told me that when tomato plants are about 18 inches tall, gently thread fine copper through the main stem at the base of the plant. The plant continually receives high doses of copper as it grows, building up an immunity, eliminating the need for spraying and ensuring a great crop.
N. Kootenay Street,
Here's a very useful tip for those gardeners who don't like to work wearing gloves. It will soon be time to deadhead all those beautiful rhodie flowers that stick like glue to your fingers. Just pour a little home cooking oil on your hands. Rub them together as you would with soap. Rinse and all the sticky mess disappears. It also works great for removing pitch from hands.

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